Cuckold Phonesex
What is my favorite fetish phonesex call to get ever?
So many to choose from, but interracial cuckolding is something that I always enjoy, you can tell me all about how your wife makes you her bitch boy cuck, or I can make you my cuckold, both always make me wet.
You knew what you were getting into when you married a trophy wife like me.
Or did you?
Do you ever wonder if you are a cuckolded husband?
Even when she’s with you, does she never seem to really have time for you, always texting or sneaking off to call a friend?
Sure, cuckold, those are just friends, the kind of friends that you alternate between not wanting to know about and secretly stroking your small white penis too.
Because odd are, knowing your sexy trophy wife, those men may not be as rich as you, but are definately, younger, harder, thicker, longer and possess something all your money can’t buy, a superior black cock.
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If she’s like me, the ultimate trophy wife, she’s fucking an alpha male right now, and every chance she gets, and you know what she’s not doing?
Thinking about you.
Screaming your name as he makes her cum.
Do you ever watch interracial cuckold porn?
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Tell all my mean girl friends all about your little dick, just like your slut wife does.
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For two girl phonesex humiliation, how about we add Arianna?
Humiliation Phonesex
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