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I’m such a mean mommy, and I always wanted a baby girl, so you’ll do, sissy baby.
Pretty pink panties and girl diapers and of course you have to sit all day in a onesie, no blue for you, it’s yellow, pink and mint green, for my little sissy adult baby!
Yes, I’ll take you out, why keep it a secret that you wear diapers, when I can tell the whole world what an ABIE you are, small cock and all!
I’ll put you in the playpen outside, and everyone can see you with a bottle of milk, a onesie and a sagging from pee diaper, so that everyone knows about your bed wetting humiliation.
There is nothing more humiliating than to be the owner of a small cock, and no one does small cock humiliation like this mean mommy, but you really brought it on yourself, didn’t you?
Always wetting the bed, if you want to be treated like a big boy, you should use the potty!
But no, my small cock humiliation phonesex addict, you wet the bed, so it’s back into diapers you go, all day and all night.
What’s that?
You want to bring a girl home, and don’t want her to know you are an adult baby phonesex sissy?
Real men have big cocks, no pussy for you, just a diaper and giggles.
Bring a girl home, she’ll laugh at you along with your mean mommy, at your little penis!
I’ll change your adult baby diaper right in front of her, like I change you in front of my girls friends.
I’ll put you on the floor, on the changing mat, and undo your pretty sissy onesie, you’ve been sitting in it all day, and it’s warm and wet and comforting, when I undo diaper, the cold air is always such a shock.
Cold Air on a Small Cock makes it Shrink.
The girl you brought home is giggling, but you’re not sure yet if it’s because you wear diapers, or because of little wee wee, but both are good for small cock humiliation!
When I take a baby wipe and run it along your tiny pee pee, it is so humiliating, you try to resist your mean mommy, but mother knows best, doesn’t she?
Mother Knows Best with Adult Baby Phonesex
Don’t worry, Adult Baby, I know just what to do to make that nasty little hard on go away, maybe my finger, soft mommy kisses, or even a ride on mommy’s strap on cock.
Adult Baby Diapered for Life
I’ll put you in a crib, you will feel so small, and eventually, you won’t be able to get out without your mean mommy.
Some of my adult baby phonesex sissies need a little bit of help and special attention in the back, not all, but sometimes you just need this mean mommy to take control of your bowel movements, too!
Mean Mommy is in Control, Adult Baby Sissy Submits.
Suppositories, that feeling of a cold ball of gel being slid between your clenched butt cheeks, the more you fight, the bigger the suppository, so be good.
Feeling a little hot?
Mean Mommy will put your over her knee, and poke and prod and stretch and humiliate you with her gloved fingers, until your little butt is ready for a rectal thermometer, sometimes you are such a bad adult baby that you have to keep that oversized butt plug thermometer up there for a very long time!
And if you still won’t submit?
I have an enema with Adult Baby Phonesex on it just for you!
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Older Woman Younger Man Fetish

Indulge in a phonesex fantasy with me, I have so many fetish stories that will get us both off!

Phonesex MILF
It’s always fun to explore taboo with an understanding, sexy, older woman, with a kink of her own, younger men that I can teach what women like!
I love being your sexy auntie, that one that you and all your friends are always stroking to, and you are my favorite nephew, because you are always staring at me and trying to hide that uncontrollable boner, but we both know just what you want to do to me if I’d let you, don’t we?
Over the holidays, lots of family and friends and of course you disappear, and since I know just what kind of trouble you, my favorite nephew, can get into, I went looking for you.
And found you upstairs, in my bedroom, with the door open just enough to see you in my dirty clothes hamper, reaching for your sexy aunt’s dirty panties.
Bemused, and if I’m being honest quite aroused watching my nephew with my panties in his hand, look around furtively before bringing my dirty g-string up to his nose and inhaling deeply, closing his eyes and moaning, then bringing the wispy fabric down to his crotch!
You were already hard, lost in your older woman younger man phonesex fantasies, when I came into my bedroom and closed the door behind me.
Sure, try to explain why your are masturbating in panties, I don’t really care, I just want to watch!
I won’t tell, won’t rat you out, won’t get you in trouble for perving on your aunt, (you know your dad wants to fuck me, too) we’ll just have it be our little secret.
Oh baby boy, don’t stop, keep stroking for Auntie, there’s so much more to teach you on a masturbating in panties phonesex call.
And as always when you call me, we can talk about anything, any taboo, don’t be shy, just tell me what you want.
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Pantyhose Phonesex Fetish

Do you have a pantyhose phonesex fetish like I do?
Pantyhose Phonesex
I love pantyhose phonesex, I love everything about stockings, the silky feel of bending forward, scrunching up the pantyhose, stretching out the material over my toes and feet, tugging and pulling and smoothing them all the way up my mile long legs, until I get all the way up to my waist, and then seeing how sexy I look and feel in my nylons!
Don’t worry, I am your fetish phonesex mistress, although I enjoy humiliation, when you tell me your pantyhose secrets, I never judge or laugh unless you want me too, so many of the men who call me to satisfy their pantyhose, nylon and stocking fetish are too afraid to tell their partner or spouse, but with me, you can share your fetish, because we both know you’ve been aching to act it out with a sexy woman, and who better than one who shares your sexual fantasies?
Curious about what pantyhose phonesex fetish men like to share with me?
Some like to talk to me about the first time they saw a woman in pantyhose, maybe it was their mother, a sexy aunt, or sister, and they like to feel how stealing into a dirty hamper and taking out just worn, dirty stocking or panties and masturbating with them made them feel, I love to hear all about how you took those dirty underthings and sniffed the crotch or feet, or how you rubbed them all over your cock, and how you get instantly hard just talking to me about your secret taboo fetish.
Or do you like to wear pantyhose yourself?
I love wearing stockings myself, cock teasing you and sitting on your face and making you lick my pussy through my nylons, and I know that there are so many of you who love pantyhose and the erotic power it gives you just as much as I do!
When you call me for pantyhose phonesex, tell me if you want to wear them, and I’ll tell you to put on a pair of your sexy stockings, make sure to give me all the details of your favorite pair, thigh highs, control top, reinforced toe, drugstore brands like Hanes silk reflections or Perfect Nudes, or high end splurges like Agent Provocateur, the way those soft silky stockings feel as I tell you how to stroke in them, you will be addicted and call me again and again!
And I’ll show you mine when you show me yours’, because there are so many pantyhose fetish adjacent fetishes, like ass worship, creampie pussy eating, sissy feminization, and foot worship than go with a sexy pair of pantyhose, I know you are hard as a rock right now, call me and find out just how hot pantyhose phone sex can be!
Call me,
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MILF Phonesex Footie

MILF Phonesex footie with a real life hot wife.
Cheap Phone Sex
Don’t you just love this time of year?
It’s getting hotter, and if you know me at all, and I hope you do, you know that I love male attention, all the looks I got today when I was out at my morning barre class, off to coffee with some of my fellow MILFy mommies, and then when I stopped into the market to grab a few things for the week, I felt my nipples harden and pussy get wet from all the men taking in the yummy mommy in form fitting leggings with that ass that I work very hard to make sure is perfect.
And with the cuckold husband out of town, it’s just me and my need for the male gaze, which is why I am barefoot, doing what all the hot moms do on Saturdays, barefoot in the garden.
And you there, let me take a wild guess, you have a dirty foot fetish?
Is that why you are such a peeping Tom, always staring at the hot MILF next door, and the sight of me bent over, hot ass up, dirty sweaty filthy feet in the soil, got you hard as hell?
Why not come on over for some foot fetish phonesex?
I want you to take care of this milf pussy, and I want you sto start with these flexible dirty feet.
You are seeking a woman to take control and satisfy your fetish and cock, and that’s what this MILF does, so take it all in, me lying back on my kitchen table, giving you an eyefull as I spread my legs and tell you to clean up my feet.
Don’t pretend me treating you like a naughty little boy doesn’t make you hard, you know exactly what to do, get on your knees where you belong and worship my toes, like the good fetish footie boy that you are.
First, I’ll allow you to lick and taste and suck to your heart’s content, my feet need to be cleaned, and you need to worship, so lick and sniff and you’ll get the reward of my feet in your mouth.
Suck each and every one of my pretty toes, don’t miss a single spot between them, show me how much you adore being on your knees, worshiping my feet, I know how bad you want to cum but don’t, not just yet, there’s so much more to experience as my foot slave.
I’m here, all ready for you to cum across my toes, call me at 1 888 684 2825, the ultimate foot fetish phonesex you’ll ever have is waiting.
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Cheating Wife Phone Sex

Have you ever had a fantasy of fucking another man’s wife?
Cheating Wife Phone Sex
I had the most erotic cheating wife phone sex fuck the other day.
I have a neighbor who loves that I walk around in front of the whole neighborhood in my high heels and short skirts, making ever husband hard and every frumpy wife jealous, and last night was no exception, I was drinking such a slutty soccer mom drink (even though I am the furthest thing from a soccer mom ever), delicious and very strong Rosemary Orange Vodka spritzers, and when I went looking for a bathroom at our mutual friends bbq, I realized my hot neighbor was smiling and couldn’t keep his eyes off my ass.
He came over and put his hand on the bare skin at the small of my back, and started massaging it just a little, and while we made small talk with my husband and his wife somewhere in the same house, I started to get so wet, and my nipples are a total tell, when he reached over and across to taste my drink, I felt his fingers brush against them and there wasn’t anyway to hide how much I wanted to fuck him.
And when I asked him to show me exactly where the bathroom was, I left the door open, and motioned for him to follow me in, and to lock the door behind him.
He couldn’t take his eyes off me, as I leaned against the sink, hiked up my little sundress, and started to slide my fingers into my panties, and finger fuck my pussy right in front of him, watching him get harder and harder, as my fingers and his gaze made me wetter and wetter.
And when I pushed him to his knees, and let him have a taste of this cheating wife pussy, I was so loud, but his wife is a lucky woman, he may be married and cheating but he can eat pussy so fucking good!
It gets so much kinkier, did you want to hear all about what happened next?
Or did you want to make some cheating wife phone sex fantasies of your own with me?
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Forced Cocksucking Sissy Phone Sex

Is there anything you want to be doing right now more than being on your knees, kneeling before me, being coached by your Femdom Goddess to suck cock?
Sissy Phone Sex
If you’ve been following my blog or are one of my sissy phone sex transformation submissives, you know that one of my favorite assignment after turning you into my sissy slave is to have you work on your cocksucking skills for your Goddess.
If you are one of my new sissy submissive sluts, we can go shopping online for some realistic dildos, or if you are as kinky as I am, we can take a walk on the wild side, I know a bunch of you are knotty hotties because you want to take the knot for me!
Because once I feminize you, you will need to know how to suck cock like a true whore.
So for all you sissy virgin whores, once I get you dressed, you can bust out that dildo and show me what a good cocksucker you are, and when you pretend it’s a real cock, you want to touch that clitty and cum in your panties, don’t you?
But in the next step of your sissy cocksucking phone sex training, you need to be a good submissive whore and suck some real dick for your Goddess.
Now, the ability to give an amazing blow job is any man’s kryptonite, and I am going to teach you step by step how to give a blow job like the best whore ever.
I’ll train you how to suck cock, on your knees, on your back, with your head thrown over a bed, using your lips, tongue, hands, you’ll learn how to be the best ball draning sissy slut ever.
Now, get your dildo, panties and cum fuck me heels and give me a call for Cocksucking Sissy Phone Sex!
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Strap On Fetish Phone Sex with MILF Karen

Do you know what you’ve been missing when you call for strap on phone sex fucking?
A MILF who enjoys fucking your ass and making you cum as much as I enjoy cumming from long stroking your ass and making it all mine.
Cheap Phone Sex
I’m a very dirty MILF, I’ve been with a lot of men, learned about their bodies and how to please their cocks, but most of all, I know how to make my own pussy squirt.
And just like you, sometimes I just need to dominate you and fuck your ass with a strap on.
I have many dildos, anal beads, but there is something about putting on some cum fuck me heels and sliding that lubed up strap on into my pussy, adjusting and buckling it into place in my pussy, and seeing that strap on cock jutting out from my wet cunt, and knowing you want to please my dick.
I want to take my time with you, get you all ready for me, quickies are a lot of fun but with ass play, take it from an anal whore, you need to be extremely horny, foreplays a must!
So first, show me just how much you want my strap on cock, down on your knees, get ready to deep throat my dick.
Don’t worry, I am going to make you my strap on ass whore, but first, you need to use your mouth to get us both ready.
So many options, do I want you on your back, legs over my shoulders, so I can see how hard your cock is while I fuck you?
Or on your knees, doggy style, you in the most vulnerable sexual position ever, head down, ass up, making you beg for me to fuck you in your ass?
Or should I totally make you my strap on bitch, and make you give me a lapdance, and slowly have you sit on my dick?
Don’t we both deserve to indulge with strap on phone sex?
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White Wife Black Cock Phonesex

Black Cock White Wife Phonesex

There is nothing hotter than feeling a man suck on my tits while he fucks me with a big black cock, stretching out my hungry cunt with his thug dick, and it just makes it more taboo when the man fucking me so well is not my husband!
What can I say?
My husband has a tiny white penis, and like so many other white women, I thought it was normal size, and for a cuckold it is, but this slut wife needs nine inches or more!
Like so many of my hot wife girlfriends, comparing house size and car make and then a few drinks and comparing penis size, guess what this hot wife stumbled on?
While a white husband with a four inch dick isn’t unusual, it’s too small for any woman, and if I wanted to be satisfied, I would have to do what the other real wives of the cul de sac do, which is fuck big black cock!
When you call me for cuckold phonesex, I can tell you all about my first big black cock, how they fuck my white pussy like my husband could only dream of, how my bull lover’s cock is what I need to make me have a screaming orgasm, and I am very descriptive, I can tell you in detail all about the last time this white wife black cock whore was on my knees, worshiping that bbc like it deserves!
Or, when you call me for cuckold phonesex, we can have an interracial married and cheating roleplay, let me make you my cuckold, telling you how your pathetic white cock does nothing for me, never made me cum, and that from now on, you will be my fluffer, underneath me where you belong, while I am fucked doggy style by my bull lover!
Let me get into your head, let me tell you all about the first time I fucked another man who had a cock that was twice as long as my husband’s, how from the first time I fucked that bbc, I knew any small white penis was a total waste of time.
Want to share some cuckold phonesex stories with me?
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Cuckold Wife Phonesex Addicted Big Black Cock

Phonesex Cuckolds are so adorable, I have a fluffer husband who loves to watch me, his sexy wife, getting fucked by big black cock.
There’s just something of a universal turn on for cuckolds when a white woman has big black hands all over her body, and begs for more Mandingo dick.
Such a taboo surrounding the white wife black cock fetish, I am most likely the only one you will ever be able to tell that you want to watch your spouse fuck another man, right in front of you.
White Wife Black Cock Phonesex

And I know that you are looking at me, and want to watch this cuckold wife get fucked just as much.
Am I going to do to you what I do to him, tease you until you admit that you want to watch that white pussy get stretched, or are you going to enjoy being the long suffering spouse of a cheating wife who only wants her to be happy, sexually satisfied, and that cuckolding is the price he pays to stay in the marriage.
When I make you my cuckold husband, I love that you get to enjoy bbc as much as I do, watching my hands stroke up and down that massive mandingo dick, taking that mushroom head into my mouth, and just how excited and hard your cock gets when I am getting fucked by my bull lover.
Oh yes, you are going to be the next of the men who call me to be addicted to cuckold phonesex with a trophy wife.
Maybe you want to be the one on your knees for bull cock?
Down there, licking balls, tasting pre-cum, being my forced cuckold, but never having to admit it’s what you secretly want, too?
No matter how you like your phonesex cuckold cravings satsified, you can call me.
We will both get what we want from black cock!
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Cuckold Phonesex with a Cheating Wife

Cuckold Phonesex
Welcome to the best cuckolding phonesex blog ever, I’m Karen, and I can’t wait to play dirty kinky hardcore games with you.
Cuckolding, Creampie and the ultimate hot milf, what more could you ask for?
You have a small white penis, and a sexy trophy wife, and nothing gets you harder than knowing I am cuckolding you with another man.
Now, it’s time to play my humiliation game, it’s called “What a pathetic little cuckold you are!”
Now, doesn’t that make your cock just drip with pre-cum?
Let’s start by having you watch as your cheating wife gets out all my make up and apply it in that sexy way to my pretty face, smoothing sweet creamy lotion over and between my perky titties, running liquid cream over smooth waist, amazing ass, and then shimmying into my thigh high black stockings, perfectly pedicured feet into my highest cum fuck me heels.
And what do you feel more, cuckold, the humiliation of knowing your can’t satisfy your sexy wife, or the excitement of knowing your slut wife is going out to fuck one of her bull lovers?
Your stomach gives a final twist and your cock hardens ever more as I give a final turn and twirl in front of the mirror, looking like a snack, shaking my hips and hair as I walk out the door for my date.
And you sit and wait, maybe in a cock cadge, maybe with your small cock in hand as you stroke, you know your hot wife is coming back, with a man with a massive member.
And you sit and wait, getting hornier and hornier, for what feels like hours, and then you hear intimate laughter and two sets of footsteps, and the bedroom door where you wait with cock in hand opens, and…..
Let’s finish this on a cuckold phonesex call!
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