Adult Baby Phonesex Sissies are in a diaper for a reason, it’s because you have a small penis.
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I’m such a mean mommy, and I always wanted a baby girl, so you’ll do, sissy baby.
Pretty pink panties and girl diapers and of course you have to sit all day in a onesie, no blue for you, it’s yellow, pink and mint green, for my little sissy adult baby!
Yes, I’ll take you out, why keep it a secret that you wear diapers, when I can tell the whole world what an ABIE you are, small cock and all!
I’ll put you in the playpen outside, and everyone can see you with a bottle of milk, a onesie and a sagging from pee diaper, so that everyone knows about your bed wetting humiliation.
There is nothing more humiliating than to be the owner of a small cock, and no one does small cock humiliation like this mean mommy, but you really brought it on yourself, didn’t you?
Always wetting the bed, if you want to be treated like a big boy, you should use the potty!
But no, my small cock humiliation phonesex addict, you wet the bed, so it’s back into diapers you go, all day and all night.
What’s that?
You want to bring a girl home, and don’t want her to know you are an adult baby phonesex sissy?
Real men have big cocks, no pussy for you, just a diaper and giggles.
Bring a girl home, she’ll laugh at you along with your mean mommy, at your little penis!
I’ll change your adult baby diaper right in front of her, like I change you in front of my girls friends.
I’ll put you on the floor, on the changing mat, and undo your pretty sissy onesie, you’ve been sitting in it all day, and it’s warm and wet and comforting, when I undo diaper, the cold air is always such a shock.
Cold Air on a Small Cock makes it Shrink.
The girl you brought home is giggling, but you’re not sure yet if it’s because you wear diapers, or because of little wee wee, but both are good for small cock humiliation!
When I take a baby wipe and run it along your tiny pee pee, it is so humiliating, you try to resist your mean mommy, but mother knows best, doesn’t she?
Mother Knows Best with Adult Baby Phonesex
Don’t worry, Adult Baby, I know just what to do to make that nasty little hard on go away, maybe my finger, soft mommy kisses, or even a ride on mommy’s strap on cock.
Adult Baby Diapered for Life
I’ll put you in a crib, you will feel so small, and eventually, you won’t be able to get out without your mean mommy.
Some of my adult baby phonesex sissies need a little bit of help and special attention in the back, not all, but sometimes you just need this mean mommy to take control of your bowel movements, too!
Mean Mommy is in Control, Adult Baby Sissy Submits.
Suppositories, that feeling of a cold ball of gel being slid between your clenched butt cheeks, the more you fight, the bigger the suppository, so be good.
Feeling a little hot?
Mean Mommy will put your over her knee, and poke and prod and stretch and humiliate you with her gloved fingers, until your little butt is ready for a rectal thermometer, sometimes you are such a bad adult baby that you have to keep that oversized butt plug thermometer up there for a very long time!
And if you still won’t submit?
I have an enema with Adult Baby Phonesex on it just for you!
1 888 684 2825
Adult Baby Phonesex is $2.50 per minute with a $4 connection fee, calls are in blocks of ten with an option to extend, all major credit cards accepted, give me a call!
And, you can always send me an email after we play, I love to send a sexy pic or two for you to stroke to when you call me again!