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Cheating Wife Phone Sex

Have you ever had a fantasy of fucking another man’s wife?
Cheating Wife Phone Sex
I had the most erotic cheating wife phone sex fuck the other day.
I have a neighbor who loves that I walk around in front of the whole neighborhood in my high heels and short skirts, making ever husband hard and every frumpy wife jealous, and last night was no exception, I was drinking such a slutty soccer mom drink (even though I am the furthest thing from a soccer mom ever), delicious and very strong Rosemary Orange Vodka spritzers, and when I went looking for a bathroom at our mutual friends bbq, I realized my hot neighbor was smiling and couldn’t keep his eyes off my ass.
He came over and put his hand on the bare skin at the small of my back, and started massaging it just a little, and while we made small talk with my husband and his wife somewhere in the same house, I started to get so wet, and my nipples are a total tell, when he reached over and across to taste my drink, I felt his fingers brush against them and there wasn’t anyway to hide how much I wanted to fuck him.
And when I asked him to show me exactly where the bathroom was, I left the door open, and motioned for him to follow me in, and to lock the door behind him.
He couldn’t take his eyes off me, as I leaned against the sink, hiked up my little sundress, and started to slide my fingers into my panties, and finger fuck my pussy right in front of him, watching him get harder and harder, as my fingers and his gaze made me wetter and wetter.
And when I pushed him to his knees, and let him have a taste of this cheating wife pussy, I was so loud, but his wife is a lucky woman, he may be married and cheating but he can eat pussy so fucking good!
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Cuckold Phonesex with a Cheating Wife

Cuckold Phonesex
Welcome to the best cuckolding phonesex blog ever, I’m Karen, and I can’t wait to play dirty kinky hardcore games with you.
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Now, it’s time to play my humiliation game, it’s called “What a pathetic little cuckold you are!”
Now, doesn’t that make your cock just drip with pre-cum?
Let’s start by having you watch as your cheating wife gets out all my make up and apply it in that sexy way to my pretty face, smoothing sweet creamy lotion over and between my perky titties, running liquid cream over smooth waist, amazing ass, and then shimmying into my thigh high black stockings, perfectly pedicured feet into my highest cum fuck me heels.
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Your stomach gives a final twist and your cock hardens ever more as I give a final turn and twirl in front of the mirror, looking like a snack, shaking my hips and hair as I walk out the door for my date.
And you sit and wait, maybe in a cock cadge, maybe with your small cock in hand as you stroke, you know your hot wife is coming back, with a man with a massive member.
And you sit and wait, getting hornier and hornier, for what feels like hours, and then you hear intimate laughter and two sets of footsteps, and the bedroom door where you wait with cock in hand opens, and…..
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