Indulge in a phonesex fantasy with me, I have so many fetish stories that will get us both off!

Phonesex MILF
It’s always fun to explore taboo with an understanding, sexy, older woman, with a kink of her own, younger men that I can teach what women like!
I love being your sexy auntie, that one that you and all your friends are always stroking to, and you are my favorite nephew, because you are always staring at me and trying to hide that uncontrollable boner, but we both know just what you want to do to me if I’d let you, don’t we?
Over the holidays, lots of family and friends and of course you disappear, and since I know just what kind of trouble you, my favorite nephew, can get into, I went looking for you.
And found you upstairs, in my bedroom, with the door open just enough to see you in my dirty clothes hamper, reaching for your sexy aunt’s dirty panties.
Bemused, and if I’m being honest quite aroused watching my nephew with my panties in his hand, look around furtively before bringing my dirty g-string up to his nose and inhaling deeply, closing his eyes and moaning, then bringing the wispy fabric down to his crotch!
You were already hard, lost in your older woman younger man phonesex fantasies, when I came into my bedroom and closed the door behind me.
Sure, try to explain why your are masturbating in panties, I don’t really care, I just want to watch!
I won’t tell, won’t rat you out, won’t get you in trouble for perving on your aunt, (you know your dad wants to fuck me, too) we’ll just have it be our little secret.
Oh baby boy, don’t stop, keep stroking for Auntie, there’s so much more to teach you on a masturbating in panties phonesex call.
And as always when you call me, we can talk about anything, any taboo, don’t be shy, just tell me what you want.
1 888 684 2825
Older Woman Younger Man Phonesex is $2.50 per minute with a $4 connection fee, calls are in blocks of ten with an option to extend, all major credit cards accepted, give me a call!
And, you can always send me an email after we play, I love to send a sexy pic or two for you to stroke to when you call me again!